I’ve landed!

I’m in Portugal.  I can’t believe it, the flight was grand.  I’m still in the airport but I was so excited I had to tell you.  Thank you, I would never have got on that flight without your help!

Thank you

Over the years I have seen Therapists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists….but this is the first time I have felt confident about my ability to beat this.

I am sleeping most nights, I am out walking most days, I feel relaxed in busy places.  I have felt a little panicky sometimes, but I get it under control quickly.

Everything you say about the brain makes sense.  My family life is happier, I can make my kids laugh out loud!

Best £400 I have ever spent, worth every penny:

HP, Belfast

What have you done to me

Jennifer, what have you done to me, I woke before my alarm, I have cleaned and hoovered the inside of my car and now I’m about to wash it!  I feel good!

EH, Dundonald

I WILL succeed

What a lovely lady. Down to earth and explains everything really well. Sessions are so relaxing. Thank you Jennifer, I WILL succeed!!


This Works

This works. I was always scared of the dentist. Last week I went for a filling. I went through the relaxation training in my mind. I was so calm the dentist had to convince me she was finished. I wasn’t scared or tense. Amazing.

K, Dundonald

Love being smoke free

I can’t recommend this lady enough, thanks Jennifer Dunseath, after 22 years of smoking I am 12 months smoke free!!!!

L, Belfast


Jennifer you are doing a marvellous job.  I have noticed the sparkle coming back to my little girl, it has been missing for a couple of years now and I can see she really loves working with you. You are fantastic, thank you.

A Mum, Belfast


Thank you for shifting my perspective towards the positive.  Having benefited from Jennifer’s skill I would recommend her as a therapist.

Paul, Bangor


Jennifer helped me to achieve a more positive outlook on life.

John, Ards

Thank you

Jennifer, thank you for helping me find the confidence to change my life.  I’m looking forward to my new adventure!

A, Dundonald


“I began this process a little bit sceptic but have been totally blown away! Jennifer is warm and professional and works her magic on me every week! I would highly recommend this to anyone- particularly if, like me you have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Help is there- you just have to take the first step towards a happier you! You won’t regret it.”
SR – Belfast