Thank you

Over the years I have seen Therapists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists….but this is the first time I have felt confident about my ability to beat this.

I am sleeping most nights, I am out walking most days, I feel relaxed in busy places.  I have felt a little panicky sometimes, but I get it under control quickly.

Everything you say about the brain makes sense.  My family life is happier, I can make my kids laugh out loud!

Best £400 I have ever spent, worth every penny:

HP, Belfast


“I began this process a little bit sceptic but have been totally blown away! Jennifer is warm and professional and works her magic on me every week! I would highly recommend this to anyone- particularly if, like me you have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Help is there- you just have to take the first step towards a happier you! You won’t regret it.”
SR – Belfast