Supervision for Therapists

I offer professional Supervision on a 1 to 1 basis and in small groups.  All Supervision is currently online, by zoom, or by phone (occasionally by text and email too!).  The cost is £40 per month, there is no ongoing contract, just get in touch when you need to.  You can contact me multiple times a month if required, but booking an hour slot is best.

We all understand the important of good Supervision.  Whilst it’s a requirement of our professional bodies to have Supervision it is so much more than just a box ticking exercise.

The name ‘supervision’ can be a bit misleading, as in reality, instead of this being some kind of hierarchy where someone else scrutinises your work, solution-focused supervision is more like professional mentoring or coaching.

It’s a regular form of support that can facilitate your own personal development, encourage new ideas, and highlight your strengths. It helps therapists to notice what works – their skills, abilities, and creative ideas when working with clients and growing their business. We all know how skilful questioning can help our clients with their lightbulb moments – and that’s exactly what supervision can do for you – help you to rethink and reformulate your ideas to find solutions in our work. 

Supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better. These confidential discussions can happen in groups or individually, online or over the telephone. It is a working relationship which requires regular contact between Supervisor and Supervisee with the aim to maximise the growth and development of the Supervisee to ensure they are able to offer the highest levels of competence in working with their clients.

Supervisees are expected to spend time before each session considering exactly what it is they would like to get out of their supervision session. It is their responsibility to make sure these aims are met during the time available.

It is the Supervisees responsibility to ensure they meet the minimum Supervision requirement of any professional bodies they may hold membership. 

About Jennifer:
I trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist in 2015/6 and have a busy part time practice. I qualified as SFH Supervisor in Feb 20.  I has been a Lecturer for CPHT Belfast and also run CPD’s on Book-keeping, Tax returns and Business Planning and Hypnotherapy for Calm Pregnancy, Menopause and Fertility.  I am a member of the CNHC, NCH and NCP. My other part time business is The Number House, a Management Accountancy business that I have ran since 1999.
I use a Solution Focused Approach to Supervision which operates from a respectful, non-expert and collaborative viewpoint focusing on the experience strengths, resources, learning and experience of the Group and Individual Practitioners. I am also a great fan of Common Sense.

Ethical consideration and confidentiality are assured during Supervision from both the Supervisor and the Supervisee, enabling the therapeutic relationship to build through trust, openness, learning and rapport. However, there may be circumstances when confidentiality may be overridden if there are grounds to believe the safety of the client or of those surrounding the client are at risk.
Overall, the same rules as therapist-client confidentiality and its relation to the notion of “greater good” apply to the Supervisee-Supervisor relationship.

Legal Responsibilities
Supervisor and Supervisee have legal liabilities to each other, to any employing organisation and above all, to their clients. This includes my taking action if I have serious concerns about a supervisee’s practice, especially where client safety is concerned as outlined above.