Menopause Management Class

  • Why do I feel like this?
  • Can all these feeling really be menopause?
  • Will I ever feel like me again?
  • How can I feel fine one minute then totally lost the next?
  • Why do people only ever talk about hot flushes?  (I do love the freezer aisle in Tesco!)

If you have questions like this then this is the class for you!

A 3 hour online class looking at:

  • An in-depth look at the hormonal changes in our regular monthly cycle (and what their purpose is)
  • What effect those hormones have on different aspect of our mind and body
  • Changes in hormones that occur in menopause (as their purpose changes)
  • Early menopause and sudden menopause due to surgery, how this differs
  • In-depth look at symptoms some women have – physical, mental and emotional
  • Look at fascinating brain scans of women before and after menopause
  • Comparison with the minor hormonal change men have at the same time
  • Look at cultural differences of menopause, but physical and societal
  • What foods can help support of change in hormones
  • We look at the balancing act between cortisol (stress hormone) and oestrogen (fertility hormone), when one goes up the other goes down…..when oestrogen levels fall this has a huge impact on our emotions
  • HRT – overview of what it is, what forms it can come in, what impact it can have
  • Self help – the huge benefit reducing stress can have, we look at some what’s going on in our brain that causes anxiety and what we can do to reduce it.
  • Look at studies showing even a few sessions of relaxation training can reduce hot flushes by 64% and night sweats by 95%
  • We finish the session with a guided relaxation session, this helps us retain (and subconsciously make sense of) the information we’ve just covered. You leave the session feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Classes are informal, feedback from previous classes has shown that being in this safe environment to talk about a subject not often broached is very empowering, but how much you interact is entirely up to you. People also report switching their video off for the relaxation helped them fully relax, again entirely up to you.

Classes are 3 hrs long with a 15 min break mid way through, we look at a PowerPoint presentation so use of a screen larger than a phone is helpful. Great if you can be somewhere you can lie down and get comfortable with a blanket for the last 20 minutes (although sitting in a chair works too!).

Feedback from previous classes:

‘Thank you for providing and excellent and informative workshop.  I had no idea so many mental and physical symptoms could be directly attributed to this little talked about phase of our life, but as they say knowledge is power!  I loved the relaxation at the end and its reassuring to see there are practical steps I can take to easy myself through this natural aging process.  Thoroughly recommend this for any woman….and indeed their partners!’

‘Jennifer’s menopause workshop is a must for anyone embarking on that journey.  It breaks down the silence and leaves you feeling more prepared and hopeful for the journal ahead.  Jennifer has a unique way of delivering difficult topics in a refreshing fashion making her workshops informative and engaging with a wonderful antidote of humour when suitable.  I will be recommending this workshop to everyone’

‘This workshop has revealed a whole new way of thinking about the menopause.  It has allowed me to understand the connections between the physical and emotional changes that I hadn’t connected until now and has given me a new found calmness through understanding and knowledge in a supportive environment.  Thank you’

‘You have demystified the myths and I feel I have an awareness of the signs and symptoms so I can recognise I am not actually losing my mind I am instead starting a natural process’

Classes Options are:

Monday 1st March 10am – 1pm, or

Sunday 28th March 10am – 1pm

Classes cost £50, they are online via zoom (you only need attend one class)

A £10 deposit is required to book your place (this is fully refundable if you need to cancel up to a week before the event)

Contact Jennifer to book your place:, tel:  07775 871119