Relaxation Classes

Drop in Relaxation Classes

First Thursday of every month, 7 -8pm, £10

Bring a blanket, get comfy and let me tell you a story.

Its just a relaxing story about taking a walk through a garden, with suggestions of calm and confidence and being in control.

You don’t have to listen to every word, just let the words wash over you, you don’t have any worries or concerns in this hour, this is your time, your time to relax.

If you like you can have a download of the story to listen to again at home.

Small classes of only 4 or 5 people, so booking is essential.

Feedback from previous sessions:

‘I don’t remember ever feeling this relaxed, that was amazing’

‘Thank you, I’m ready for anything after this’

‘I wish we could do this every day’

‘Just leave me here, I don’t ever want to move!’