An initial session takes  up to about 45 minutes and is an the opportunity to meet each other and decide if hypnotherapy is a suitable treatment for you, during this session we will discuss how the brain works in relation to the issues you have been having.  No hypnosis takes place during this session and clients say the information is invaluable and immediately helps them to change their perspective.  You will also receive a free CD or MP3 to listen to before your next session, this will enhance the effectiveness of sessions.  The first session is half price.

Subsequent sessions usually take 1 hour.  Everyone is an individual it is impossible to say how many sessions are required.  Straightforward phobias of heights, flying etc will take 4 sessions, severe anxiety will take a minimum of 8 sessions – it is entirely up to you, you know your own body and mind best.  Sessions will usually start weekly but can be reduced to fortnightly, monthly etc as you feel is appropriate.  It is hard to put a price on your happiness and peace of mind.  I would really advise that you give it a couple of more sessions after you start to feel better, this helps to ‘hard wire’ the message into you brain and gives a better chance of a very long term solution.

Smoking Cessation is a single session which takes up to 2 hours.

Your privacy is important to me and confidentiality is guaranteed.

I am fully insured and have Access NI clearance to work with children.


Initial Session – £30
Subsequent Sessions – £60
Smoking Cession – £180
Paypal Payment
Other Amount:

Payment can made at each session in cash or card, or in advance if you prefer.  A deposit is required for a class booking or a stopping smoking session, (details when you make the booking.)

Most credit cards accepted.

Hypnotherapy is totally natural and drug free.